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Hawaii Plumbing Maintenance

Knowing when you can fix your plumbing problems and when it’s time to call your local plumbing expert is important. As we live in the Tropics, Hawaii property owners have unique plumbing issues that can quickly deteriorate into major plumbing problems. Plumbing repairs such as replacing drain covers or washers, do not require plumbing system knowledge. However, addressing larger issues such as clogged drains and pipes yourself, can lead to much larger plumbing problems later on and should be left to your Oahu plumber.


Regular plumbing maintenance can prevent expensive plumbing repairs to your home or property. Since many plumbing issues might not be readily apparant, a thorough inspection is integral to identify small problems before they become problematic. Hidden leaks in sink drains or foundations are more than just an inconvenience; over time, they can cause significant structural damage. Water that seeps into drywall or plaster contributes to mold growth. Porous tile or wood flooring can discolor or warp when wet.

Many routine maintenance tasks are simple do-it-yourself jobs. An inspection is the foundation of any maintenance schedule. You may use your sinks and tubs daily, but you might not notice minor concerns unless you set aside time for an inspection. Go through your home and take a look at your plumbing. Examine all exposed pipes, including under sinks and behind toilet tanks, for any signs of moisture. On a humid day, some condensation on a cold metal pipe is normal, so note any dampness and check the pipes again when the home is cooler. Check for signs of corrosion on brass or copper fittings; corrosion occurs more rapidly on damp metal, so corroded connections could reveal a slow leak.

Turn on water faucets in sinks, showers and tubs to monitor water pressure. Some variation between different faucet styles and purposes is normal, but all of them should have a steady flow. Note how quickly the water drains after you test the faucet, too; slow drains could mean a clog waiting to happen. While you’re making your rounds, flush toilets to ensure they don’t run or leak at the base, a sign of a faulty wax seal.

Plumbing inspections from a licensed Hawaii plumber give you a more in-depth look at your home’s pipes and drains. Your inspector will check the water heater, garbage disposal and every area of your home’s plumbing system. More thorough assessments might include remote video inspection of pipes, lead testing and filter system inspection.

After a thorough inspection, remove and clean aerators on faucets and shower heads. Sediment can build up and slow water flow. If you opt for professional plumbing maintenance, your plumber will take care of this step and others for you. Some of the maintenance duties a licensed plumber can perform include:

  • Drain treatment to maximize flow rate
  • Cleaning of garbage disposals and water heaters
  • Pressure tests to detect hairline leaks
  • Water pressure assessment and adjustment


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