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Signs of Common Hawaii Plumbing Problems

Abrupt changes in water temperature

while showering and bathing. Dramatic shifts in water temperature can indicate much larger plumbing issues, and should be resolved quickly as sudden fluctuations in water temperature can cause severe burns.

Low water pressure in your kitchen and bathroom faucets.

Sputtering or low pressure faucet water can either be attributed to an improperly installed device or the faucet needs to be replaced. In some instances, low water pressure can be attributed to larger plumbing pipe issues that should be addressed sooner rather then later.

Loud knocking or odd noises when you flush the toilet.

Strange noises when you flush the toilet can be an indicator of larger system wide plumbing issues that should not be ignored.

Sewage smell in your bathroom or other areas of your house.

Any sewage smell in your home or property strongly suggests serious issues with your plumbing system. More than likely, pipes have burst or broken. Raw sewage poses a significant health hazard to you and your family. Contact a plumbing repair expert if the sewage smell in your home or property continues to linger.

Constantly running toilets or toilets that do not flush completely.

Toilets that run incessantly are a tremendous waste of water, money and Hawaii’s precious resources. Kamaaina plumbers can easily fix a constantly running toilet and help you immediately save money by reducing your water usage.

Grinding noises from your garbage disposal.

If high-pitched, screeching noises are heard when you turn on your garbage disposal than your garbage disposal motor may need to be replaced. This is a relatively low cost fix that should and be addressed quickly.

Foul, sewage like odors emanating from bathtub, shower or sink drain.

This may be the result of a clogged pipe or broken drain trap and should be investigated by a certified plumbing professional.

Most plumbing problems are easy for a trained plumbing professional to fix if they are addressed relatively quickly. It is important to note that the sooner you fix plumbing problems, the less expensive the repairs.


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